Encode or Decode URL, Base64, HTML and Hex

Base64 Encoder

Simply convert plain text into Base64 string by this tool.

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Base64 Decoder

Get back your plain text by using this.

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URL Encoder

From URL String to URL safe format – With article.

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URL Decoder

Get back your URL string by using this tool.

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Base64 Image

Convert PNG, JPG, GIF file into Base64 format.

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Compress JS, CSS and HTML by using this.

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HTML encoder

Convert sensitive character like tags into their HTML entities.

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HTML Decoder

Simply get back characters from their HTML entities, by using this.

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Binary to Decimal

Learn how to convert binary into decimal manually – With conversion tool.

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Decimal to Binary

Decimal to Binary converter – with how to convert it manually tutorial.

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Binary to Text

Convert Binary to Text by using this tool – UTF-8 based.

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Text to Binary

Convert Text to Binary by using this tool – UTF-8 based.

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About Encode String

Encode string provide free online tools, right now our site contain tons of tools related to developing with tutorials. I'm focusing on this website and soon i'll try to add up some new tools. Almost all tools are JavaScript based so there is no data concern.

Most used keyword and their meaning –


ASCII also known as US-ASCII. Was developed by U.S, back then there is no competition or user market they developed it for them self. Basically, ASCII is a character code parameter. As you know binary uses 2 numbers only.

With 7 bit they are able to create 128 binary pairs (2^7), it means 128 character. Its very obvious they implemented their language code first.

0-32 is reserved for control keys like escape [ ESC ].

32-127 is reserved for alphanumeric characters like 1,2 ABC.

There is also a extended version of ASCII but it cover very few Latin-script alphabets. Other nations like japan, Chinese developed their own character code set have you ever herd Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1), GB 18030, BIG5.

From last one decade UTF-8 established monopoly. UTF-7 or ASCII only type schemes are no longer in trend.

In UTF-8 first 128 characters (US-ASCII) need one byte. The next 1,920 characters need two bytes to encode, which covers the remainder of almost all Latin-script alphabets, and also Greek, Coptic, Armenian, Cyrillic, Arabic, Syriac, and N’Ko alphabets, as well as Combining Diacritical Marks.

UTF-8 Scheme add one pad character with in ASCII and make it full 8-bit byte. While other language character take more space up-to 16 bit, some take 10 some 12 and so on.

UTF-8 cover all character code, plus by using single character code scheme we can avoid incompatibilities with other systems.


Basically, ASCII table is for lookup you can easily get character decimal, hex and binary value.

Decimal –

In daily life we use 0-9 numbering system. So we use decimal values as a notion in ASCII table. Its way more easy to find value by using decimal.

Binary –

As you know, binary is a language of computers and electronics. Basically, electronic storage or processor works upon 0N and OFF signal. 0 and 1 are ON and OFF signal it is a most prominent way to deal with electronics.


Base64 is a encoding scheme, used where only ASCII string can be transferable. It was designed for enhancing the limits of an email at that time only NVT string (7-bit character code) can be passed or sended through email. Basically, it causes problem what if, Japanese user wants to send their email. So to tackle this issue this they introduced this encoding scheme. Basically, it converts (Other language characters) into ASCII and on the other side it gets decoded.


Hex, same like base64 it uses 64 alphanumeric character for encoding while hex uses 16 character only.

URL encode and decode

URL is also a medium of sending data to server. Mainly we use it in HTML forms, URL works on (ASCII only) scheme some characters like (URL unsafe, other language ones) gets encoded. On the other side (server) we have to decode URL otherwise we can’t extract data.

checkout this article for brief info –

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